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Disclaimer: These texts are presented for research purposes. The texts represent the views of the original authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Shaun D. L. Brassfield-Thorpe, Phillip Brough, the Stav Academy, the Stav Heimbu, the Stav Hov's, the Stav Vé's or any members of Stav International. The reader should be aware that many of the texts in the library are old and therefore some hypotheses presented in some works may have been superceeded by more recent research. In addition, some authors may express views which would be very much contrary to that of Stav International, especially in any instances referring to issues of race, politics, gender etc. The reader is again reminded that many texts in the library are historical documents and should be seen as such, and these should in no way taken to in any way reflect any form of official view or policy within Stav. Please address any complaints regarding the nature of the text to the author if appropriate.